Citizen-Led Infill Housing: quality housing choices for real people



10:00am - 11:45am

Citizen-Led Infill Housing: quality housing choices for real people

Exploring alternative housing models with future residents

Are you interested in the visions of consolidation promised by the 30 Year Plan but not in the housing it is currently producing? Join community members, architect, academics and others passionate about citizen-led housing for a discussion about innovations occurring internationally and interstate.

Households are increasingly self-organising multi-unit housing for their own use. Working together with family, friends and other community –minded households, citizens are realising housing projects which both build and regenerate cities and communities. Citizen-led housing circumvents the dominance of developers, enabling you to design and build to your own needs, desires, and budget.

Following short presentations from the panel we will workshop the question “Can citizen-led development contribute to urban regeneration and urban community in Adelaide?” Join the discussion, shape the vision, and help it happen here in SA.

Jasmine Palmer

Open State Hub, Victoria Square

Jasmine Palmer – researcher of citizen-led housing, Tim Riley – facilitator of citizen-led housing, Sue Gilbey – resident of citizen-led housing, Warren Phillips – champion of citizen-led housing