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Future Cities theme

A city’s character can be seen through the way it fosters social exchange. This exchange may occur between inhabitants, in face-to-face interactions, or between people and the city itself. Predominantly this occurs in public and semi-public spaces.
How will Adelaide progress in line with technological advances, whilst retaining and reinforcing the interactions between the people who inhabit it? Future Cities asks how will we get there, what will it look like when we do and how is this transition shaped by the interaction of people, design and technology.


FAD 17, and the theme of Future Cities, is a means for creating discussion focused on these elements and how they will be implemented in Adelaide in transition over the next 50 years.


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Expressions of interest

If you want to be part of FAD and have an idea for an event that fits our theme we would love to hear from you. Please let us know your thoughts. Preliminary ideas are welcome.Initial expressions of interest to be submitted by May 17.


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All event details, blurb, costings and a hero image must be finalised and sent to by May 31.

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